What are your shipping days?

  • Monday-Friday


  Do you ship on weekends or holidays?

  • No, because post office is closed


  How long is processing once I  place my order?

  • 3-5 business days (small orders & small wholesale orders)
  • 7-14 business days (big wholesale)


  How long is processing once I  place my order if I  add “Rush Order”?

  • 1-2 business days (small orders & small wholesale orders)


  What does Expedited shipping mean/involve?

  • Expedited shipping does not mean your order will be processed quicker. Expedited shipping means your order will be delivered to you in 1 business day. Therefore that only concerns USPS not me.


  How long is shipping?

  • Standard: 2-3 business days
  • Expedited: 1 business day


  Can I  refund my product?

  • No. All sales are final


  What happens if I  receive my product damaged?

  • Please contact me right away; with your order number and we will work on replacing it. You MUST provide proof that your order came damaged (pictures or videos)


  Can I  make an exchange?

  • No. All sales are final


  How does Rush Order work?

  • Rush Order is for customers who need their order processed quicker than others. This simply means instead of the normal 3-5 business day processing, your order will be processed within 1-2 business days. (THIS IS NOT FOR RUSH MY ORDER: WHOLESALE)


  What is Local-Pick Up?

  • Local Pick Up means if you live in my area or want your order same day, you can pick up your order from the location provided


  What is the difference between Standard and Standard (NY ONLY)?

  • Standard is different from Standard (NY ONLY) because since I  live in NY, NY customer packages cost less for shipping compared to those outside of NY. I  do not want to overcharge them


  Do I  have to add my email when purchasing?

  • You do not have to, however it would be better for you so that you can track your order once it ships, and receive the email that tells you your order shipped



  What are Vendor Lists?

  • Vendor Lists are for customers who want to start their own business & need vendors (ex. Lashes vendors, lipgloss vendors, etc.)


  How many vendors are included in each?

  • There are about 5+ vendors for each lists


  Are they verified vendors?

  • Yes all the vendors are verified. Some of the vendors included in each are my own vendors as well.



  What are your color options for lipgloss wholesale?

  • I  have multiple colors that can be found on my website. The photo with the colors on it are included on every wholesale product.


  What tube options do you have for wholesale?

  • Silver wand tube, gold wand tube, black wand tube, black brush tip wand tube, 10ml-15ml squeeze tube, candy shaped tubes, and ice cream tubes


  Do you sell pigments?

  • Yes. I  sell 5 glitter color pigments (pink, purple, hot pink, silver, and gold); as well as holographic butterflies. I will also be selling more.


  Do you sell Versatel/gloss base?

  • Yes I  sell 8oz and 16oz Versagel in pouches and containers


  Are you a mink lash vendor?

  • Yes I  offer mink lashes wholesale, lash boxes wholesale, and mascara brushes wholesale


  Are the lashes on hand or do they have to be ordered?

  • The lashes have to be ordered from my vendor & are shipped the same day from them. It takes about 7-10 business days for them to arrive to me


  Are the lash boxes on hand or do they have to be ordered?

  • They also have to be ordered.


  Can I  have my logo on the boxes?

  • Having your logo on the boxes will take longer for processing & will cost more but that can be done


  Do you sell samples?

  • Yes. I  sell lipgloss samples for those who want to order wholesale but want to see how the color looks and feels first


  Do you sell wholesale lipgloss that is already made?

  • Yes I  can make lipgloss pre-made In 8oz/16oz pouches and 8oz containers